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Are you a skiing enthusiast?Do you feel the whole hand is wet after strenuous exercise? Les Sens will recommend a good solution for many of the high-end customers, which using the unique direct venting technology (100% waterproof, yet extremely breathable) to keep dry inside when it is wet outside. It provides long-lasting maximum climatic comfort, even in activities under extreme conditions.

Nowadays, there are a lot of customers using The OutDry® membrane. It is laminated directly from the inside of the gloves to the outer material. And it is 100% waterproof, highly breathable than any other membrane.

Waterproof membrane should also have higher breathability beside waterproof. However, its breathability has different levels with different functions and qualities, as well as the price.

There are many kinds of 3 layers’ materials which is highly breathable and waterproof. These materials are also to be found in gloves, jackets and caps.


With this system, you are perfectly equipped for every situation. The inner glove, the outer glove and both together are fully functional gloves, three pairs of gloves in one.

Inner lining materials are crucial to wear comfort since they are in direct contact with the hand. They guarantee an excellent heat and moisture. Both linings are specially treated to maintain a hygienic balance.

The material adapts to body temperature. When the body temperature increases, and with its transpiration,the pores of the membrane open. As soon as the body less heat, the structure closes and thus saves body heat. Thus it makes the body feel more comfortable.


A backhand protection device combined with ergonomics, making the wrist get care during exercise.

By means of this design, it protects the wrist against spraining without confining the hand’s mobility.

When riding, the aseismatic design of the palm can alleviate the hand to the nerve compression of phalanges. Silicone gasket effectively reduces hand numbness. Different kinds of cycling gloves also have different shim thickness.


The system is comprised of a pocket integrated in the gloves, and a fitting warming pad as an optional accessory. The mode of operation is quite easy: by taking the warming pad out of its package, it gets warm. By sliding it into the pocket inside the glove, the heat gets distributed evenly all over the hand.

PrimaLoft is a very soft, light insulation material which provides similar thermal qualities to down but has much greater breathability and resistance to humidity. It is developed by NASA, where functionality and low weight are imperative.

Its self-regulating insulation interacts with your body temperature and adjusts its degree of warmth actively, based on the current temperature inside and outside of the glove. Crucial is the insulation’s micro structure, which is capable of opening and closing spaces within a matter of seconds. Its 37 dynamic insulation will keep you in the comfort zone.

Heating glove has a core patented technology of composite fiber heater wire. Its material is super flexible, which used for making electric heating film. It has an excellent bending resistance! The lightweight system enables us to achieve a longer heating period, despite smaller batteries. It is the best choice for extremely cold climate outdoor activities!


It made for i-touch, even the very thick ski gloves can also perceive the touch-screen sensitively, which makes mobile phone use more conveniently!